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The much anticipated MODO 901 is available

MODO 901 represents the most significant update so far. Earlier this spring, The Foundry provided a sneak peek of MODO 901, which includes the integration of the award winning MeshFusion; new progressive texture baking; new and improved tools for everyday modeling tasks, better ways of working with both regular and UDIM multi-tiled UVs and layered multi-resolution sculpting.


Game developers, product designers, visual effects artists and media communication professionals can take on more challenging projects than ever before—both in size and scope—with MODO 901, the latest version of The Foundry’s 3D content creation solution. MODO 901 delivers innovative new features, accelerated performance and powerful enhancements to the core MODO toolset that let artists and designers working independently or as part of a team to create high-quality, beautiful output in less time.

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The Foundry hosted a live event, sponsored by HP and NVIDIA, in San Francisco to showcase the impact of MODO 901 on the creative communities. Along with The Foundry experts, speakers included guests from industry-leading companies Wolverine, CoSA TV and PlayStudios. In addition, The Foundry demonstrated technology sharing and workflow improvements between MODO and MARI, its cutting-edge 3D paint tool, with a focus on the new advanced viewport now available in MODO 901.

01 - MODO 901 delivers faster and higher quality painting with better blending.

01 – MODO 901 delivers faster and higher quality painting with better blending.

“For MODO 901, we took a look at what artists want to do, how they want to do it, and the environments in which they do it,” said Shane Griffith, MODO product marketing manager at The Foundry. “We found that artists need to do more, they need to do it faster, and they need to do it against tighter deadlines and resources. In some cases they work independently, and in others, they work in a pre-existing pipeline or design workflow. Against this backdrop, we knew it was critical that 901 deliver powerful new tools, scales with larger scenes and performs faster across the board to truly meet our artists’ needs.”

The possibilities of what artists can do with MODO 901 becomes even more exciting with the following features:

  • Advanced viewport
  • Vector-based graphics support
  • Accelerated performance
  • Extended dynamics and effects
  • More flexible rigging
  • Easier pipeline integration
  • Complexity management
  • Improved painting and texturing
  • Physically based materials and rendering
  • UI and viewport enhancements

Jonathan Josenhans, managing director at edeIVIZ Architektur- und Prtoduktvisualisierung said “MODO 901 is a Juggernaut! MODO delivers for us, in a single package, what all the other competitors at twice the price cannot. It models better, sets up easier, previews faster, renders more beautifully. No other package can compete with MODO as a holistic viz solution—you buy it, start working and everything is there. MODO just delivers, out of the box, without compromises.”

The above features represent a subset of the full MODO 901 release. With MODO 901, The Foundry introduces new pricing for new seats ($1,799), effective on May 27.  

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  1. #CAD The much anticipated MODO 901 is available – Game developers, product designers, visual effects artists and m…

  2. #CAD The much anticipated MODO 901 is available – Game developers, product designers, visual effects artists and m…

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