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Dassault Systemes’ Spatial Technologies has Contraint Solver for Mac

Spatial’s Constraint Design Solver technology is coming to ARES Commander 2015 for Mac in next service pack (SP2), says the German CAD innovator Graebert GmbH


This has been a long time coming, having first heard of the news through Germany’s Graebert, a global leader in the CAD market and OEM core technology provider for France’s industrial giant Dassault Systemes DraftSight DWG-native CAD package that competes with other DWG-based CAD packages and Autodesk’s popular AutoCAD itself.

Now for Mac: CDS or Constraint Design Solver

News today (already published) on Architosh has a small but significant note in it. The next service pack for the Graebert ARES Commander 2015 CAD package, which runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, will introduce the CDS technology from Spatial for the Mac version for the very first time.

01 - Spatial's Constraint Design Solver (CDS) technology is coming to a Mac product in ARES Commander by Graebert in Germany.

01 – Spatial’s Constraint Design Solver (CDS) technology is coming to a Mac product in ARES Commander by Graebert in Germany.

This is big news…not just for Graebert’s ARES customers running on Macs, particularly Apple’s laptops which are extremely popular mobiles for professionals, but for all of Spatial’s many industrial CAD and 3D company customers who also have Mac software products. It means they can leverage the constraint design solver (CDS) technology in their solutions.

What Does CDS Do?

Spatial’s CDS is a market-leading fully-variable constraint solver useful for a wide range of industrial and engineering applications, particularly utilized in automotive, aerospace and defense industries. You can read more about it here. In a nutshell it enables:

  • Interactive drafting of 2D profiles and quick iteration through sketches and part designs based on these profiles
  • Placement of individual 2D/3D parts into more complex assemblies and mechanisms

Useful in the CAD world is working with dimensional and logical constraints, so that users can manipulate mechanical design parts, finding optimal shapes and fit, while holding the design to requirements.

Graebert has just announced Service Pack 1 (SP1) for its growing ARES Commander 2015 2D/3D CAD system, and it mentioned the note about the coming CDS in the Mac version in the next service pack. You can learn bit more here. 

Watching Graebert’s ARES Commander 2015 with Spatial’s Contraint System

To really see what is coming to the next update for the Mac version of ARES check out this video below.

To learn more about ARES Commander for Mac visit here online.

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  1. This is really Graebert news and “pro” ARES Commander, as they are pushing for this solution on the Mac platform. This is another evolving story about the Mac’s big resurgence in MCAD markets and engineering software pipelines. We have even more to share on this front in the many weeks and months ahead.

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