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Graebert releases ARES Commander 2015 SP1

This SP1 is in fact the second service pack from Graebert, following the release of SP0 about 6 months ago. This year, a significant amount of effort has been poured into the improvement of SP1 with improved performance for big files. Graebert ARES continues to grow and evolve and this service pack is a perfect example of that.


Judging from the feedback Graebert received from their users, size does matter, since the “big data” trend is influencing the CAD market.

In their benchmarks, for ARES Commander 2015 SP1 they added significant improvements for Zoom and Pan. Since ARES was already fast, it was a major effort that required a deep work inside their core source code, with a team of several experienced developers for many months. This improvement also impacts Windows, Mac and Linux users.

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One of the other challenges they were facing, along with increased performance is making sure that while one aspect of the software receives updates another part that functions well does not get ruined.

02 - ARES Commander 2015 brings full-featured DWG native 2/3D CAD to all three major platforms and now Android mobile.

01 – ARES Commander 2015 brings full-featured DWG native 2/3D CAD to all three major platforms, including Android mobile.

Performance is clearly one of their 3 top priorities together with Mobile and Cloud.

Other improvements for SP1 (bug fixes and enhancements):

  • Any OS (Windows – Mac OS X – Linux):
    • Improved performance of the CLIPBOARDCOPY command for gradients.
    • Enhanced the visibility of selected sheet tabs.
    • Improved quality of exported tiff images.
    • ATTACHDRAWING command performs better for AEC objects files.
    • Cursor display with crosshair is improved.
    • SPLIT command behavior improved for 2D polylines.
    • Display problem of diameter dimension symbols is improved.
    • POWERTRIM command improved functionality to trim edges of polylines.
  • Mac only: 
    • Docked UI mode style is improved
  • Windows only:
    • Improved menus appearance when application window is resized.
    • Better visual quality of pasted OLE data when zoomed in.
    • Stability improvements for editing of pasted OLE objects in Microsoft Word

Graebert has also been considerably expanding over the last years into Asia, especially in India, Japan, Korea as well as Singapore, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and China where they have strong partners.

In these markets they faced new expectations in terms of fonts and drivers and they also observed different habits in terms of CAD. One major difference is that the Asian market tend to use less x-refs and can have rather big projects in the same drawing, drawings of full cities or bing infrastructures with all networks and details in one file.

The following Service Pack is coming

Probably expect it to be out towards the end of September 2015. It will include the Constraints in the Mac version as well, which is only available on Windows right now. This technology is powered by the CDS solver from Spatial—a Dassault Systèmes company. Click here for the video.

About Graebert

Graebert GmbH is a leading developer of custom CAD software, solutions and services and provides its technology to both end users through its ARES Commander and ARES Touch product lines as well as to OEM industry players such as Corel, Dassault Systemes, and many others. Graebert was the first company to support all three major operating systems with a native DWG CAD system back in 2010 and the first on Android (2014).

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