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Nemetschek Group: Financial year 2015 off to Dynamic Start

The Nemetschek Group posted record first quarter revenues in 2015, and the board sees the AECO software giant from Germany expanding rapidly in the US market in particular. Its Bluebeam Software acquisition is a key strategic piece in the Group’s non-domestic revenue growth.


The Nemetschek Group of Berlin, Germany, the parent company of a federation of sibling companies serving the AECO (architecture, engineering, construction, operations) markets, has gotten off to a strong financial start in fiscal year 2015.

In the first three months of fiscal 2015 for Nemetschek AG, the company increased revenues by 30.5 percent to reach a new top mark of EUR 66.6 million, a dynamic improvement over the year-ago quarter. Adjusted for currency fluctuations, growth was some 25 percent. Bluebeam Software, Inc., acquired as of 31 October 2014, contributed EUR 10.0 million to revenue growth.

Planen, Bauen, Nutzen and M&E

With the exception of that last one those German words stand for the segments of the AECO software giant in Germany and equate to segments that stand for products that serve planning structures (design), building structures and using structures (facilities management). The Group’s M&E (media and entertainment segment consists solely of Maxon Computer, the German company that produces Cinema 4D, a professional, high-end 3D software package that competes directly with Maya, 3ds Max, Lightwave 3D, modo and several others in the market.

01 - The brand new NEMETSCHEK GROUP logo and new corporate design for the entire group is striking and cohesive, aiming to present to the international AEC community the strong relations and cohesiveness of the groups related products and brands.

01 – The brand new NEMETSCHEK GROUP logo and new corporate design for the entire group is striking and cohesive, aiming to present to the international AEC community the strong relations and cohesiveness of the groups related products and brands.

For Q1 2015, it should be noted that the acquisition of Bluebeam Software fits into the Bauen segment and caused revenues to increase in this segment by more than 258 percent, from EUR 3.9 million to EUR 13.8 million. Prior to the acquisition of Bluebeam Software, the segment with the second largest revenue stream was M&E, with the Cinema 4D product line bridging in EUR 4.1 million in the year-ago quarter. M&E posted revenue of EUR 5.3 million in Q1 2015, marking a substantial 29.9 percent increase.

The Nemetschek Group’s core revenue line is its CAD and BIM products consisting of global leaders in Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Nemetschek Vectorworks, buttressed by the German-markets ALLPLAN and Nemetschek Scia.

Internationalization Further Extended—US Market in Focus

The Nemeschek Group’s acquisition of Bluebeam Software was a strategic investment to extend its footprint in the largest construction market in the world, the United States. For the group with this quarter, total non-domestic revenue climbed by 41.6 percent to EUR 43.4 million, versus EUR 30.6 million. The United States was the major growth driver where revenue in the US more than tripled as a result of the Bluebeam acquisition. Domestic revenues in Germany also rose in the first quarter by 13.8 percent to EUR 23.1 million.


Moving further into the year, the Nemetschek Group affirmed its positive outlook. “Our strong start to the year shows that we are right on track to achieving the targets for the overall year 2015 and record highs in terms of revenue and earnings,” says Patrik Heider, Spokesman and CFOO of the Nemetschek Group.

In the year ahead the Group notes that due to the exceptional performance of the M&E division, investments in future growth are planned for that segment. The Group anticipates fiscal 2015 revenues in the range of EUR 262 – 269 million (or up to $302.USD million.)

For more information visit the full report here.

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