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Autodesk Fiscal Q4 ’24 Earnings Results

Autodesk announces Fiscal Q4 – 2024 earnings and beats analysts’ consensus and guidance.


Nemetschek Group 2023 Preliminary Annual Financial Results

Nemetschek Group achieves its goals in a tough 2023 macroeconomic context. Revenue growth rate slows to a high single digit.


A strong third quarter for Bentley Systems

A strong third quarter for Bentley Systems The bottom line for all three quarters of the year looks good. Year on year profits are up too.


Year starts well for Nemetschek—Q1 2022

Nemetschek reported a strong start to its financial year, with a double-digit percentage growth in revenue, and a big increase in EBITDA.


Autodesk’s Q1 2022 Fiscal Results — In Brief

Autodesk revenues for its first quarter of its fiscal 2022 increased 12 percent from year ago quarter, show solid future and fundamentals.


Nemetschek Group — Stable Revenue Growth in Q2 2020

Nemetschek Group revenue proves stable, positive with high margins during the first half of the pandemic year—company diversities aiding German AEC giant.


Nemetschek Group Closed Third Quarter (2019) with Record Earnings

Germany’s Nemetschek Group has closed the 2019 year third quarter with record earnings and an undiminished high rate of growth.


Nemetschek Group Quarter 2 Earnings Out—Strong Dynamic Growth

The Nemetschek Group has posted strong second-quarter earnings with revenue up 21 percent and high operating margins of 29 percent. The Group is on target for the fiscal year.


Autodesk Senior Vice President Amarpreet Hanspal Sells 39K Shares of Stock

Autodesk’s Hanspal sells shares at optimal time, netting US 3 million, and above 12-month average analysts share price—and on the heels of its first quarter selling only subscription-only licenses.


High Growth Dynamics Continue for Nemetschek Group in 2016

Nemetschek Group continues to propel itself to record financials on the basis of sound if not brilliant US-based acquisitions.


Nemetschek Group posts impressive financial results

The Nemetschek Group continues record earnings and revenue results as company shares forecasts for fiscal 2016 with estimated EBITDA of nearly $100 million USD.


Shift To Cloud Forcing Autodesk Layoffs, But Cloud Is Good

Autodesk announces big layoffs on the horizon but the company says it has nothing to do with macro or company based economics. Instead, the downsizing is in response to its move to the cloud.


Nemetschek Group presents strong half-year figures: Revenue growth in the second quarter continues to accelerate

The Nemetschek Group maintained its dynamic development from the first quarter of 2015 and accelerated revenue growth in the second quarter.


Nemetschek Group: Financial year 2015 off to Dynamic Start

The Nemetschek Group posted record first quarter revenues in 2015, and the board sees the AECO software giant from Germany expanding rapidly in the US market in particular. Its Bluebeam Software acquisition is a key strategic piece in the Group’s non-domestic revenue growth.


Nemetschek Group yields strongest growth with record year in 2014

The Nemetschek Group has announced its fiscal 2014 financial earnings, showing record setting improvements in margins and revenue growth. The Group, with divisional revenues comparable to 25 percent world number one rival Autodesk, sees accelerated growth in 2015. Vectorworks and Graphisoft as brands are driving international momentum.


Apple’s Mammoth Quarterly Results: Architosh Insights

Architosh discusses highlights of Apple’s most recent and landmark Quarter 1, 2015 fiscal results, while providing unique insights and perspective–especially with regards to Mac and emerging markets.


Autodesk post latest financial quarterly results: Up 4 Percent with $28 million in profit

Autodesk reports stronger than expected first fiscal 2015 quarter—shows signs global markets are strengthening


Apple FQ2 Conference Call Notes

Apple Shatters Expectations in Down-Turn Economy — Turns out Best Non-Holiday Quarter in Company’s History


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