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Architosh intros Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0 (Wave 1)

Architosh has completed the first wave (Wave 1) of one of its most ambitious special article projects with the 2.0 update to the Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects. We kick off Wave 1 with the culmination of a special three article interview series on iOS developers in this market segment and a brief description of our updates inside the Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0

[Edited: 4 June 2015]

Today Architosh is announcing Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0 (Wave 1)—the first major wave of updates to our extensive detailed guide to iOS applications for iPad useful to the profession of architecture.

Ultimate Listing–Global Reach

The Architosh Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0 is the most complete detailed listing guide of Apple iOS based mobile applications in existence and a major driver of reader interest on our publication. Initiated in 2013, the new guide series focusing on apps for architects has been viewed by, predominantly, our AEC readers around the world and by a number approximate to half of all the architects in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, combined.

 More Than A Listing—iOS Developer Stories Series

This year Architosh today caps off a three article series focused on detailed discussions with the founders and key principals behind three iOS developers serving this market—all three interesting software players in this exciting new mobile segment serving architects and related professionals. The features delve into the many issues inherent in this segment of the software market. Those features are:

We think the readers should get a peak behind the issues behind software innovation and startups in this particular space—especially since more than half of the companies above were founded by design professionals, not computer programmers. One can learn in more detail what is driving development behind key apps like OrthoGraph Architect 3D in Hungary, CADO in London, and Green Badger for LEED down in Savannah. These interviews are interesting, so do check them out.

What’s New: 21 New Apps Listed

There are 21 new apps listed in this first wave of updates. And this is just the first wave! The guide for apps for architects on iPad remains organized the same way, by phase of work. We have updated the listings for only those pages listed below in this first wave. Those page are:

Schematic and Design Development Phases: Applicable Lists

Construction Documents Phase: Applicable Lists

Click on the links above to go directly to these pages.

Notable New Apps in the Guide

New this year in the Mobile CAD Authoring guide include biiCADo Touch Pro out of Germany, a very sophisticated looking professional CAD product aimed at general CAD and MCAD. GraphPad R4 Configurable is a new version of that popular mobile CAD product aimed at specific company customizations. Go here to learn more.

In the conceptual drawing guide, there are new apps by Adobe in Adobe Line and Adobe Sketch. Importantly, digital pens have advanced a good amount and we now have info on Livescribe+ and related. In our Wave 2 update coming soon we will go deep on the new Infrared digital paper movement. We still think Paper by 53 is the gem in this group but there are so many good sketching and drawing apps now out there. Check them out.

We are also hot for NoteSuite—which works on Mac too and syncs with iCloud— and the new Moleskin Journal app works with the new LiveScribe+ pens…something those of you who still prefer a real pen but want that drawing on your iPad may very much like.

Architosh will roll out the rest of the updates to the Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0 throughout November and December as we close on the year.

The Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0

On the next page you can enter the Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects index. Click on the link below.

next page: index page: Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0

[Editor’s note: We needed to clarify above that only the pages listed above are included in the Wave 1 update. 29 Oct 2014, 8:45 am EDT.]

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