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Maxon Unveils New CINEMA 4D Release 16 ahead of SIGGRAPH 2014

Germany’s Maxon has updated CINEMA 4D to version R16 — offering numerous advanced new features for digital 3D artists working across a range of design and film and TV industries


Maxon has unveiled this week the brand new CINEMA 4D Release 16, the next generation release of its industry-leading 3D motion graphics, visual effects, visualization, painting and rendering software application. It boasts countless new  features and enhancements, including a new modeling PolyPen ‘super tool.’

Maxon will be in attendance at SIGGRAPH 2014 next week in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in booth #1422 and will be demoing the new version to show attendees, among other things.

“CINEMA 4D R16 elevates the 3D design experience so that creative professionals in film, broadcast, digital media and visualization can create, share and manage compelling content and collaborate more effectively on the most demanding projects,” says Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO of MAXON Computer. “Our programming team has optimized modeling and rendering capabilities while adding powerful advanced capabilities that not only bolster performance but also insure our customers have the most efficient pipeline to other digital content creation tools for streamlined productivity.”

01- The new CINEMA 4D Release 16 offers a new reflectance channel update with advances that add more realism.

01- The new CINEMA 4D Release 16 offers a new reflectance channel update with advances that add more realism.

The company has detailed information on the new updated CINEMA 4D on their website but we have summarized the key new features in bullet points below.

Key Highlights in New CINEMA 4D R16

These are some of the key highlights in the new version:

Animation Features

  • Motion Tracker — delivers quick and seamless integration of 3D elements into real world footage
  • Interaction Tag — works with the new Tweak mode to give users control over their 3D objects and allows object control via XPresso, COFFEE or Python

Modeling Features

  • New PolyPen Tool — This is a new ‘super tool’ and allows painting of polygons, polishing points as well as move, clone, cut and weld points and edges of 3D models. You can also re-topologize complex meshes
  • Bevel Deformer — A powerful new bevel toolset that also enables animation of bevel attributes to create all new effects
  • Other Modeling Updates

Rendering Features

  • Reflectance Channel — The new material channel provides more control over reflections and specularity within a single new channel. Features include the ability to build-up multiple layers for complex surfaces such as metallic car paint, woven cloth surfaces, and options to render separate multi-pass layers for each reflection layer
  • New Hair and Sketch Render Engine — much faster and superior new unified render effects engine
  • Team Render Server — A new client-server architecture for the new Team Render introduced last version

Other Workflow and Performance Features

  • Content Library Restructured — Completely re-organized and optimized for Release 16, the new Content Library contains custom made solutions for specific user groups in mind.
  • New Architectural Features — New House and Stair generators, plus modular doors and windows
  • Exchange/Pipeline Support — Improvements in support for latest FBX and Alembic formats
  • Solo Button — This new feature allows you to isolate individual objects and hierarchies for refinement for individual modeling. This also speeds up the viewport performance for improved performance especially on massive scenes

You can check out all the new features for the new CINEMA 4D R16 here. CINEMA 4D runs on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms and the product line includes these separate industry focus choices: CINEMA 4D Prime, CINEMA 4D Broadcast, CINEMA 4D Visualize and CINEMA 4D Studio. To learn more visit them here.

02 - The new CINEMA 4D Release 16 by Maxon of Germany will be featured at SIGGRAPH 2014 next week.

02 – The new CINEMA 4D Release 16 by Maxon of Germany will be featured at SIGGRAPH 2014 next week.

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