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Limitless Computing adds Augmented Reality (AR) Products for SketchUp Community

SketchUp 2014 Support for SightSpace Mobile Augmented Reality Now Available


Limitless Computing Inc., considered a leading provider of 3D mobile Augmented Reality announced their commitment to the SketchUp Community by releasing LightSpace® Mobile Augmented Reality products for SketchUp 2014.

The suite of Augmented Reality (AR) products for Trimble SketchUp pre-visualizes buildings, materials, fixtures by allowing professionals to use their phones to effectively communicate scale and context. All of Limitless Computing’s SightSpace products now support SketchUp 2014.

Product Descriptions

SightSpace 3D: AR software allows users to virtually explore digital spaces created in Trimble SketchUp, the Trimble 3D Warehouse, and Google Earth. It is the only mobile app that loads SketchUp files (8+) in the native .SKP format. Annotate, bookmark views, take screenshots, and share notes and photos. In English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. Apple and Android versions available from 39.99.USD. The Pro versions unlocks more features (see below).


SightSpace PRO: This software unlocks the advanced power of SightSpace 3D with features and capabilities including connecting an external GPS for accurate AR, location markers for AR that are ideal for indoor use, photo markup and annotation, animated bookmarks, dimensions, and more. Apple and Android versions available for 39.99.USD/month; 199.USD/6 months; 399.USD/12 months, 499.USD/lifetime.

01 - Limitless Computing's Augmented Reality technology powers three levels of mobile apps that work with SketchUp 2014.

01 – Limitless Computing’s Augmented Reality technology powers three levels of mobile apps that work with SketchUp 2014.

SightSpace View Plugin and Mobile App: SightSpace View plugin can connect to any Trimble SketchUp digital model with a QR code for the ultimate mobile AR experience. When scanned with the free View mobile app, users experience the 3D design overlaid onto the real-world using the live camera feed of the device. View service starts at 39.99.USD/month with a free mobile app viewer.

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