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In-Brief: Trimble announces SketchUp 2014 for Mac and Windows

Trimble launches new SketchUp 2014…offers speed improvements in rendered views and many new features including a WebGL based preview engine for 3D Warehouse


Trimble, a major AEC software and services provider, has announced SketchUp 2014 this week. This latest version offers users many new features like improvements to speed and performance, new documentation tools in LayOut, BIM classification and interoperability features, and lastly improvements to 3D Warehouse.

SketchUp 2014 – What’s New


One of the big improvements in version 2014 is the faster shadows in large modeling code improvements and faster vector rendering in Layout. For the former, Trimble further optimized the code base to improve shadow casting in really big complicated models. SketchUp’s shadow engine code (ShadowMaster) can show improvements up to 15x.

01 - Guess what webpage we saw updated this morning? Trimble announces new SketchUp 2014!

01 – Guess what webpage we saw updated this morning? Trimble announces new SketchUp 2014!

Also in LayOut there is another 15x improvement potential for vector rendering. When your drawing calls for it, vector rendering provides crisp, clean line work and better performance with large viewports in particular.


A new Classifier tool enables users to tag data to geometry using industry-standard object types: walls, slabs, roofs, and hundreds more. You can work with existing classification systems or create your own. Now that objects are classified, you can export your data to IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format, for use in other BIM applications.

3D Warehouse Gets WebGL

For SketchUp 2014 the team rebuilt 3D Warehouse from the ground up. Every model in 3D Warehouse now works through the new integrated WebGL viewer. This means you can preview models in full 3D before downloading them. And get this, you can even embed models on other Web pages so others can preview models through their browser using SketchUp’s standard navigation tools or a pre-set scene.


There are many new time-saving features and improvements in version 2014. One unique new feature is Smart Labels. Labeling a face generates its area, labeling an edge gives it length, et cetera.

More Information

SketchUp Pro 2014 is available for download now. Suggested retail price is 590.USD, for SketchUp Pro 2014. SketchUp Make 2014 is also available as the free version of SketchUp.

To learn more visit SketchUp online here.

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  2. #CAD In-Brief: Trimble announces SketchUp 2014 for Mac and Windows

  3. “@architosh: In-Brief: Trimble announces SketchUp 2014 for Mac and Windows”

  4. Posted by:
    February 28, 2014 02:30 pm EST

    The BIM feature seems interesting. It seems a reasonable direction to go in the future. I will be interested to find out if it is any better and getting objects into ArchiCAD.

  5. @ spr8364

    I often wonder if what we may be seeing here is the slow emergence of a full fledged BIM program?

  6. “In-Brief: Trimble announces SketchUp 2014 for Mac and Windows” good read

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