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SIG: Maxon announces CINEMA 4D R15 at SIGGRAPH

Maxon Computer delivers new CINEMA 4D R15 at SIGGRAPH 2013


Germany-based Maxon Computer, a sister company to Graphisoft and Nemetschek Vectorworks, within the larger German-owned Nemetschek AG, is at SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim this week and today (which was the exhibition opening) announced the latest release to their industry leading 3D software package.

New in CINEMA 4D R15

CINEMA 4D R15, which is being shown in booth #315, from today until the 25th, is packed with improvements and new capabilities. Chief among these to the company are a new beveling feature for modeling, interactive kerning for advanced 3D typography, and Team Render for working within a distributed LAN rendering environment directly from within the user interface.

“CINEMA 4D R15 is a milestone release packed with trail-blazing innovations and our renowned, easy-to-learn workflow for 3D designers across creative markets — film, video, broadcast, Web, multimedia, visualization and games,” Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO of MAXON Computer, says. “Digital content and media creation professionals continue to face relentless cost and operational pressures to take on demanding productions under severe time constraints. With sustained programming development in areas such as modeling workflow, rendering and sculpting, R15 sets new standards to spark the imagination of individual artists and design teams to make sure they have the features they need to push 3D performance to new levels and achieve the highest quality creative results in less time than ever before.”

01 - CINEMA 4D R15 has been announced at SIGGRAPH 2013 this week, includes many new features including a new Team Render. (courtesy Maxon Computer)

01 – CINEMA 4D R15 has been announced at SIGGRAPH 2013 this week, includes many new features including a new Team Render. (courtesy Maxon Computer)

The new CINEMA 4D R15 is available for Mac OS X and Windows platforms and includes key new feature improvements such as:

  • Rendering Enhancements — The new Team Render delivers quick control over an entire network to take advantage of surplus idle power. On the Mac this works with Apple’s Bonjour technology. For AEC visualization professionals using C4D Visualize, you get up to 3 nodes of network rendering power and unlimited with C4D Studio. Users can distribute single frames or complete animations directly from within the CINEMA 4D user interface and view results in the Picture Viewer
  • Rendering Improvements — C4D has its own rendering engine (as well as works with others via plugins like Vray and mental ray) and this has quality improvements thanks to a new irradiance caching algorithm for faster GI and improved ambient occlusion, physical rendering and multi-threading features in R15 to boost performance
  • Modeling Enhancements — R15 introduces all new interactive beveling for improved manipulation and control over object edges and curves for adding depth and dimension to designs
  • Improved Typographic Tools — MoText and TextSplines have enhancements which include new kerning and tracking tools that can be applied to the MoGraph effectors or used in XPresso and edited at any time to create complex typographic elements and animations
  • Dynamic Sculpting — In cases where there are adequate subdivision, sculpting tools can be used directly on any polygonal model. There is a new Amplify Brush and more…

CINEMA 4D is already well regarded for its ease-of-use and in R15 there are new productivity enhancements which boost the program in this area. Here are a few:

  • Texture Manager — The Texture Manager has received improvements enabling it to fix broken texture links, wrangle bitmaps and more
  • Architectural Grass — Based on the powerful Hair and Fur engine in CINEMA 4D, the new grass material features let users quickly and easily add grass to any object within CINEMA 4D R15 Visualize or Studio.
  • Camera Crane — A new Camera Crane rig offers users the ability to execute production-friendly solutions to simulate real-life Jib crane shots by adjusting the angle and length of the base, arm, head and the camera itself.

CINEMA 4D is one of the most powerful and complete 3D software packages on the market and has complete system parity on Mac OS X and Windows. The product is schedule to ship in September of this year. It requires OS X 10.6.8 or higher. The minimum processor for a Mac is an Intel Core 2.

To learn more visit them here.

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