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Graphisoft and BIMobject are cooperating to allow integration between both company’s BIM object online portals


Graphisoft, the developer of ArchiCAD 17 and, has announced that they will now channel BIM objects from the BIMobject® cloud and integrate them into the organic search results on

This means that users of Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD-centric BIM object portal will be able to also find objects from real-world manufacturers at, in addition to manufacturer and non-manufacturer objects at Graphisoft’s own portal. The brand recognition of BIMobject is well known and certifies that the objects come from real manufacturers and are real products that can be specified and sourced in real life. The unique channel concept developed by BIMobject allows building product portals to channel the BIM objects used by more and more websites around the world.

For manufactures this means centralized convenience for hosting and maintenance of their digital product data. The BIMobject cloud handles all the building product searches to be updated.

01 - BIMcomponents by Graphisoft now has search and channeling of BIM objects from

“The integration of, the world’s leading manufacturer specific content provider, offers direct access to an extensive collection of high quality BIM content by real manufacturers available both in ArchiCAD 17 and on This creates huge value for our users by providing the quality and details very much a standard for the BIMobject® content,” said Akos Pfemeter, Director of Global Marketing, Graphisoft.

“We are very pleased to have as the latest in a long row of channel partners. We continue to serve building the interior product manufacturers to create a dynamic and maintainable infrastructure for product content management. We expect the collaboration to be very useful for both ArchiCAD users as well as manufacturers in the building industry,” said Stefan Larrson, CEO of BIM object AB.

To learn more about click on the link. For ArchiCAD 17 information see this report.

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