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Adobe and Germany’s MAXON forge Strategic Alliance

Adobe and Maxon enter strategic alliance aimed at further technical collaboration between After Effects and CINEMA 4D


MAXON, the developer of CINEMA 4D, a leading 3D animation software for film, broadcast and motion graphics professionals, today has announced it has entered into a strategic alliance with Adobe Systems Inc., to further collaborate on technology that provides creatives in the motion graphics and visual effects industry with new levels of digital media content creation.

As part of the alliance, both companies are expected to collaborate and engineer a pipeline between Adobe After Effects software and CINEMA 4D to give users a seamless 2D/3D foundation.

“CINEMA 4D is a leading 3D solution, and the one After Effects users have come to know and love because of its ease-of-use, speed, stability and especially tight integration with the 2D compositing application,” said Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO, MAXON Computer GmbH. “We look forward to continued collaboration between our programming and marketing teams to ensure that the interoperability of our software products makes a positive impact on artists seeking to easily and fully integrate 3D into their production pipelines.”

01 - The new CINEMA 4D R14 by Maxon. Introduces numerous key new tools including new digital sculpting, camera matching system, dynamic 3D guides and new modeling, rendering and animation tools.

“Adobe After Effects has a 20-year history of setting the standard for motion graphics and visual effects software,” said Steve Forde, senior product manager for After Effects at Adobe.  “Collaborating with a market leader in 3D graphics programming like MAXON will further accelerate how After Effects users create rich engaging experiences.”

To learn more about CINEMA 4D click here or read one of our most recent product reviews, (see Architosh, “Product Review: Cinema 3D R11 Architectural Edition,” 19 Jun 2009)

Ae and CINEMA 4D

Over at the Steve Forde After Effects blog he writes: “I am super excited about this one–it’s been in the works for quite some time, and I finally get to share a few details.”

Steve Forde explains why they (Adobe) are doing it in two bullet points:

  • “After Effects (AE) works really well with CINEMA 4D. CINEMA 4D works really well with After Effects. The current interoperability exists between these two applications but, at a fundamental level, don’t really talk to each other in a way that’s super productive.
  • I’m a HUGE believer in a simple philosophy–‘do what you know, and be the best at it.’ Hand in hand with this idea means that you DON’T do a whole lot of stuff you don’t know. With this relationship announcement you have two companies who focus on being the very best at what they do.”

For CINEMA 4D users this is sure to be positive news especially for those doing motion graphics design or any work in broadcast or film.

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