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Tidbits: formZ 7, LumenRT, Luxion and more news

Mac and iOS CAD/3D News: We have tidbits on Luxion, formZ webinars, LumenRT and more…


formZ 7 Visualization and Fabrication Webinar

The formZ folks have a second part to their new formZ webinar series titled: “Visualization, rendering, fabrication and presentation” and you can see this on 6 Sep 2012 by registering for this free learning webinar here. For those who are not aware, formZ 7 is the latest version of the flagship 3D program by AutoDesSys, Inc., one of the industry’s leading advanced modeling and rendering software firms, and was officially released during the recent SIGGRAPH 2012 week in August.

Details: Thur, 6 Sep 2012, 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT. Register here.

e-on Software LumenRT Customer Profile

The LumenRT folks have a new customer profile story on Polish architect and 3D user Marcin Rybak of Archimodes. You can read their story here and learn why they like LumenRT as their photorealistic renderer for SketchUp. Plus check out some great images including images of the SketchUp scenes to compare.

01 - Rendered image produced with LumenRT by e-on software. (image copyright, Marcin Rybak, Archimodels)

Luxion Releases KeyShot 3.3

The company has been recently touting KeyShot 3.3 and recently again announced the full commercial release of the latest version. Version 3.3 adds features and software enhancements to speed up the rendering and animation process.

02 - Image shows the new Color Picker in KeyShot 3.3. (image courtesy of Luxion)

One of the new features is the new Color Selector (see screen shot above). The new Color Selection dialog allows KeyShot users to pick colors from anywhere on their screen with the added ability to save selected colors to a new palette (see grid below the Select Color dialog box in the image above). KeyShot 3.3 is immediately available for download and purchase at To learn more visit here.

Luxion recently introduced LuSt at SIGGRAPH 2012 also. We have that and more news from them at the industry computer graphics show here.

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