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SIG: Luxion and Sabertooth intro LuSt

Luxion and Sabertooth have introduced LuSt, a realtime Web service platform


Luxion, the makers of KeyShot, and Sabertooth, an interactive and digital production company, have joined forces to deliver LuSt™, the world’s first interactive 3D rendering web service platform.

3D RaaS

The partners are touting LuSt as the first 3DRaaS (3D Rendering application as a Service), aimed at helping product designers bring high quality imagery and interaction directly to their client and client meeting sessions.

One of the key challenges designers have in utilizing 3d assets is the cost and time of creating imagery for every possible iteration of a product they may want their client to review as part of the multiplicity of versions being created. With LuSt as an interactive rendering web services platform, this challenge is taken head on.

01 - LuSt is the first 3D realtime raytracing rendering web services platform that enables interactive product configuration in fully rendered mode.

LuSt provides users the ability to create product experiences in real time on any device.  This includes Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. The Luxion render engine is a very efficient and scalable rendering engine that runs on the server side on Windows or Linux. The client side in LuSt software is based on open standards, supporting integration with any language that can interface with JSON and REST.

LuSt is built for advertising agencies and marketing departments of large corporations. There are desktop, server and cloud-based setup options. The technology solutions enable interactive product viewing and 3D-based, rendered custom product configuration, ideal for cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, athletic shoes or any product.

LuSt product configurations can vary and pricing will reflect the specifics needed by each client. LuSt was demoed at SIGGRAPH 2012 in booth #1101. You can learn more by visiting their website:

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