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SIG: Newtek’s LightWave 3D 11.5 revealed at SIGGRAPH 2012

Newtek’s new LightWave 3D Release 11.5 revealed at SIGGRAPH show


The recently formed LightWave 3D Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., has announced the recently updated LightWave 3D version 11.5.  A powerful and proven production tool, the Emmy Award -winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering software several new improvements, including a new Genoma character animation and rigging system for Modeler and more.

LightWave 3D 11.5 – The new features

Here is a quick list of some of the major new features.

  • Genoma — a new modular instant-rigging system within Modeler. Offers quick preset rigging for biped and  quadrupeds and a lot more
  • New Modeling — A new modeling architecture offers new tools like UV Unwrap, Edit Edges, Slice and more…while laying the groundwork for future third-party modeling tool developments
  • Bullet — The physics engine Bullet now includes soft-body dynamics
  • Flocking — Flocking offers new prey and predator behaviors, plus plane, pursuit and arrive directors
  • Instancing — Now includes per object control of scale, stretch, offset, rotate and more
  • Interchange Tools — A new GoAE button allows you to select elements of a scene and see them in Adobe After Affects, including animation, lights and camera settings
  • Viewport Preview Renderer — update adds depth-of-field, motion blur and stereoscopic rendering in VPR

LightWave 3D 11.5 is expected to ship in Q4 2012 for a retail price of 1495.USD, with upgrade and educational pricing options. Folks can purchase LightWave 3D 11 today and get version 11.5 free when it arrives. LightWave 3D includes 999 cross-platform render nodes, support for Windows and Mac 64 and 32-bit operating systems.

01 - This image is of a live stream from the LightWave booth at SIGGRAPH 2012 this week.

LightWave 3D is at SIGGRAPH LA 2012 this week. Visit their booth (#701). To learn more visit here.

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