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SIG: New LightWave 3D Website and Online Store

Newtek’s LightWave 3D Group, a new division, launched a new website at SIGGRAPH 2012


During SIGGRAPH NewTek’s new LightWave 3D Group announced the launch of a brand new LightWave 3D website and online store at: This was actually the first of several LightWave-based announcements at SIGGRAPH 2012. We’ve covered a few of them already.

“The new LightWave 3D website highlights all the phenomenal visuals being created by LightWave-based artists–from independent animators and architects to high-profile studios and production houses,” said Rob Powers, president of the LightWave 3D Group.

01 - The new LightWave 3D website...better designed, more visually appealing and now features a new online store.

The new LightWave 3D website was designed to provide more robust resources for the company’s community of users. Additionally, the new site features an online store offering an immediate downloadable purchase of LightWave 3D software that no longer requires a hardware dongle to run. More items are planned for the new LightWave 3D website store that will include training videos, books and event T-shirts.

To visit the site go here.

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