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SIG: Andersson Technologies announces new phase for SynthEyes 3D

Andersson Technologies said SynthEyes 3D Tracking software moves into new phase….


At SIGGRAPH 2012 this year Andersson Technologies LLC, the developer of SynthEyes 3D Tracking software for Windows and Mac OS X, announced a new development schedule for their software that breaks major and minor updates into a two-track release cycle. They also showed the latest version of SynthEyes 1208, which includes a node-based “Phase” system for controlling the solver, new survey-shot workflow features, rolling shutter compensation in solves, corner auto-tracking, and a user-interface revamp.

The new two-track release cycle enables new versions to arrive on the Advanced track and then move to a Release track. This way new features can reach and assist customers even more rapidly. According to company founder Russ Andersson, it makes for a simpler and more predictable approach for everyone.

New Intro and Pro versions replace the previous 32- and 64- bit versions. Some features, such as Phases, are not available in the Intro version. Both versions are available on Windows and Mac OS X. And a new cross-platform option is available to users with both Windows and Mac OS X computers.

SynthEyes 1208 is available now for both Windows and Mac OS X and the Pro version is 599.USD and Intro is 399.USD. To learn more go here.

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