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Autodesk launches SketchBook Pro 6 for Mac and Windows

Autodesk launches SketchBook Pro 6 for Mac and Windows


Autodesk this week announced the launch of SketchBook Pro version 6 for Mac and Windows computers. This is the latest release from what has developed into a SketchBook product family on desktop and tablet operating systems (SketchBook Pro for iPad is available on the App Store).

SketchBook Pro 6

Autodesk’s SketchBook family has more than 11 million downloads to date, making it an incredibly popular and successful product line. The product has its origins with Autodesk’s acquisition of Alias in the middle of the last decade and for a time Autodesk didn’t do anything with the application. The last version under Alias Systems Corporation was version 2 in 2005. Version 3 was shown at Macworld and Architosh saw it at that show.

01 - Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6. This latest release offers numerous enhancements and a new user interface.

Now at version 6 Autodesk has added numerous features and a streamlined user interface. Other new features include multi-touch navigation, French curves, synthetic paint and smudge brushes, plus more brush controls.

“The latest SketchBook Pro really builds on the qualities that have made the product so likable,” said Chris Cheung, product line manager, Autodesk. “The new brushes bring a more traditional feel and versatility to the application, but equally important are the enhancements we’ve made to the performance and user interface. SketchBook Pro 6 is going to be exciting for both new and experienced users!”

The new user interface delivers an unobstructed and discoverable environment, increasing productivity by keeping artists focused on their creative process. Updates include a new Brush palette, Color Editor, Layer Editor, Toolbar and more. There are also new Guide tools, including the new French curves to help artists draw smoother and more precise lines.

Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6 is available for 59.99.USD through the online Autodesk Store and authorized resellers.

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