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Luxology ships Power SubD-NURBS for modo

Luxology continues to push forward on the CAD front with its new Power SubD-NURBS for modo plugin


Luxology, LLC, has announced this week the immediate availability of Power SubD-NURBS for modo, a plugin that allows designers to automatically convert Subdivision surface meshes into NURBS-based CAD formats that can be exported directly to standard CAD systems.

A T-Splines Challenger

“Organic NURBS surfacing is no longer strictly the domain of T-Splines,” said Branden Coker, 3D artist and Power SubD-NURBS beta tester. “When you can model in modo and export at will to your CAD package of choice, you gain a powerful workflow. modo and NURBS are two great tastes that taste great together.”

The Luxology folks have tapped the power of IntegrityWare, a San Diego, California-based geometry modeling kernel and 3D API provider. Power SubD-NURBS bridges the worlds of highly flexible Subdivision surface modeling and CAD-accurate NURBS representations.

With the new plugin in modo industrial designers in the early stages of the design process can quickly create concept models that can be exported and refined within the users’ CAD systems.

Power SubD-NURBS comes on the heels of another CAD-centric Luxology product; the CAD Importers for modo. While CAD Importers provides new tools for loading CAD data into modo; Power SubD-NURBS addresses the other side of the equation–the export of parametric surface data from modo into CAD systems. Together, these products allow designers to effectively integrate modo into the design process as both a flexible organic modeler and as a high-end visualization tool.

Pricing and Availability

Power SubD-NURBS for modo 601 is available immediately for Mac OS X and Windows (32 and 64 bit) at 595.USD. The plug-in can be purchased on the Luxology website or via authorized Luxology resellers worldwide.

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