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Luxology ships CAD Loaders for modo 601

New CAD Loaders offer more capabilities for modo 601 users


Luxology recently has announced the new CAD Loaders for the new modo 601. With these tools CAD users working with XT (Parasolid-based data), IGES, and STEP files will now have a workflow to modo’s powerful photorealistic rendering and animation capabilities.

Siemen’s Parasolid Based Technology

CAD Loaders for modo 601 are based on the Parasolid geometry modeling kernel technology from Siemens, an industry-leading software technology that powers numerous Siemens and non-Siemens CAD and 3D software packages around the world and accounts for over 40 percent of all 3D model data stored worldwide.

01 - Luxology's new CAD Loaders for modo 601.

As models are loaded into modo 601, the CAD surfaces can be dynamically tessellated for optimal use in modo’s modeling and rendering operations. Real-time rendering previews and dynamic editing tools in modo can then be used to turn based designs into immersive, photorealistic graphics.

“Exchange of CAD data is absolutely business-critical to our customers,” said Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. “CAD Loaders for modo offer users a flexible set of controls for optimizing incoming CAD data that goes beyond simple file importing. This opens up a world of CAD data for designers and other 3D artists who want to tap the power of modo for concept design and advanced visualization.”

CAD Loaders are now available and the advanced version retails for 695.USD while the basic loader is 495.USD. Both Loader products are available for Mac and Windows. To learn more visit here.

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