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SIG: Lightworks demonstrates new visualization approach

Lightworks of the UK showcased new SnapShot technology at SIGGRAPH 2011 this year. New feature offers significant time savings


At SIGGRAPH 2011 in August Lightworks, the leading supplier of rendering solutions for ISVs, demonstrated a new approach to visualization in their show booth.

Lightworks Artisan is the company’s next generation product, built on over 20 years of research in the CAD industry. Artisan offers a completely new approach whereby the software offers a unique feature called SnapShot. SnapShot functionality enables users to save scenes at any stage of the design visualization process. These SnapShots contain all the materials, lighting schemes, backgrounds and camera view settings and are stored in the mode file to be re-applied at any time within Artisan.

David Forrester, CEO of Lightworks, commented, “We’re delighted with the reception that our Lightworks Artisan product has already received at SIGGRAPH. The SnapShot functionlity within Artisan gives users the unique ability to return to a saved SnapShot after trying a number of alternatives. ”

Corel’s new CorelCAD utilizes Artisan as its rendering engine as does IMSI/Design with its new Renditioner Pro for SketchUp and its TurboCAD Professional software.

To learn more and see images visit here. For Lightworks home page go here.

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