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Autodesk Has a New Cat to Let Out of the Bag: AutoCAD WS APIs

One of the biggest requests Autodesk has received over the last few months has been to open APIs for developers. The CAD giant responds. Read on


The reasoning behind Autodesk’s release of these APIs is so that developers will be able to leverage AutoCAD WS’s web and mobile features within their own applications. AutoCAD first became popular when it enabled developers to build custom applications on top of AutoCAD such as plugins, custom objects and scripts.

Autodesk has announced that they are taking the first step in this direction by releasing a first set of APIs (application programming interfaces) for AutoCAD WS .

01 - AutoCAD WS 1.2 Mobile's new Snap Preview tool is beautifully executed on Apple's multi-touch devices.

This new set of APIs enables developers of different languages to:

  • Securely connect to an AutoCAD WS account
  • These APIs already rely on the industry standard http based WebDAV protocol which can be used in a variety of programming languages such as C#, C++, Java and JavaScript to access
  • AutoCAD WS’s allows functionality from within web browsers, desktop applications and server-side components

Here are two tutorials Autodesk released with full source code samples showing how to use the new set of APIs using either C# or JavaScript.

Click here for the C# API tutorial.

Click here for the JavaScript API tutorial.

These web apps shows how the APIs can be used to show AutoCAD WS files, access files’ metadata, upload new files, and open them in the online AutoCAD WS editor.

You can enter your own account details to check out the app or use this sample account –

Username: [email protected], Password:123456

To learn more about AutoCAD.

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