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Deelip does 3D graphics test for Mac CAD posts graphics comparison between NX for Mac, Rhino Mac and AutoCAD for Mac.


Well, has posted a brief, non-technical graphics comparison between NX, Rhino and AutoCAD on Mac. The apparent methodology was to drop into each of those applications a heavy, detailed MCAD model of an engine. The model is large (which it should be for a quality test) and detailed.

While the tests and post are interesting there are no details on the methodology. Deelip mentions using default settings on each application. The three Mac CAD applications are running on a lowly MacBook (one year ago vintage) with the Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics chip, which is a solid performer. If things can run well on this machine (Architosh has a machine like this also…) they can run even better on Apple’s pro products or its latest consumer products shipping today.

01 - did a brief graphics test for NX, Rhino and AutoCAD for Mac.

Graphics: How Did The Three Do?

Deelip’s test was simply to spin the model back and forth while capturing that process to screen captured video. NX for Mac clearly did the best and the model appears quite responsive. Rhino for Mac (which is still in beta until Rhino 5 ships) did the second best but it was slower. Finally, AutoCAD for Mac came in a noticeable third. In fact, judging by the video, the large engine model seems to have brought AutoCAD for Mac down to its knees.

There is an interesting commentary following this article as well. To see the videos and read Deelip’s post go here.

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  3. Posted by:
    January 7, 2011 04:25 pm EST

    Actually if you go back a few months or so when he started testing graphics on multiple windows cad apps he describes the methodology he was using.


  4. Djnelson,

    Thanks for pointing that out. Will indeed take a further look.

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