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Tidbits: SIGGRAPH, Vectorworks and ArchiCAD news

Mac CAD and 3D News: Today’s tidbits note ArchiCAD and Vectorworks BIM news items plus a note about our SIGGRAPH coverage.


Vectorworks BIM Webinar

Nemetschek North America is hosting a free Webinar on Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 1:00 pm EDT. The one hour long presentation discusses BIM concepts and how Vectorworks Architect can establish a non-redundant approach to drawing and representing information. Additionally participants will learn how Vectorworks Architec (VA) can enable them to extract useful BIM information, as well as share BIM data with other BIM applications. To sign up go here.

Graphisoft – Link NBS Specs to ArchiCAD BIM

Graphisoft has announced this week that its award-winning BIM application ArchiCAD 14 can now link directly with NBS Specifications. This latest plugin from Graphisoft links specifications written in any of the NBS specifications systems to ArchiCAD. You can learn more about this new capability here.


The world’s largest computer graphics conferences is taking place this week in Los Angeles. We have already started to file SIG (SIGGRAPH) reports covering the show. We have many event reports to still file as many of the leading 3D software companies have made significant announcements. Stay tuned for SIG reports all this week and next.

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