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SIG: Lightworks unveils power of OptiX

Lightworks has announced they are previewing their new OptiX technology at SIGGRAPH – brings latest Nvidia CUDA architecture to ray tracing acceleration in future Lightworks products.


Lightworks has unveiled its latest technology solution, OptiX. Designed to leverage the latest GPU ray tracing acceleration technology from Nvidia, the new OptiX technology is at the core of new solutions from Lightworks.

Previewing Lightworks at SIGGRAPH

Lightworks is previewing the next OptiX-based Lightworks product at SIGGRAPH. They use the power of Nvidia’s CUDA architecture and latest GPUs for significant performance improvements (see booth #225 and #717).

Bob Mayer, COO of IMSI Design remarked: “Lightworks has some great technologies coming out soon this Fall and we’re particularly excited about the new OptiX product and looking forward to being able to integrate it into future versions of TurboCAD.”

Dave Hutchinson, Product Director at Lightworks, commented: “Using the OptiX engine in both our Lightworks Artisan and Lightworks Author products gives us the ability to handle larger and larger models and to generate compelling, high quality renders.”

A pre-release of the new OptiX-based Lightworks solutions will be available to Lightworks customers in October. The full product release is planned for December 2010. To learn more about Lightworks go here.

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