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German Pavilion at 2010 World Fair designed using Vectorworks

Nemetschek North America’s Vectorworks was used to design the German Pavilion at the 2010 World Fair Expo.


Milla und Partner, a Vectorworks-based design firm, designed the German Pavilion at the 2010 World Fair Expo in Shanghai. Quite a lot of the European countries’ pavilions at Shanghai this year have been designed using CAD/BIM products by either ArchiCAD or Vectorworks, signifying the strength of European AEC software giant Nemetschek AG.

The German Pavilion took the form of a national pavilion called “balancity” — a newly-coined term. It means a city in balance and is meant to illustrate balanced life in Germany….where balance is sought between modernization and preservation, innovation and tradition, community and the individual, work and leisure, and between globalization and national identity.

01 - German pavilion at 2010 World Fair Expo. Designed with Vectorworks.

There are actual photos of the German Pavilion at the Milla und Partner website here.

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