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Best Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo designed in ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD powers innovative pavilion designs for Norway, Finland, Iceland, Hungary and Russia at Shanghai World Expo 2010


Helen & Hard, the firm responsible for the architectural design of the Norway pavilion, utilized ArchiCAD to create the innovative, sustainable design-oriented structure. At Shanghai World Expo more than 190 countries and over 50 international organizations were represented making one of China’s largest expos the largest ever. A major focus of the international expositions is always the groundbreaking pavilion designs and several this year were designed using Graphisoft’s market leading BIM application ArchiCAD.

Norway, Hungary, Finland, Iceland and Russia were just a few of the innovative designed pavilions created by architects and designers using ArchiCAD. The Hungarian pavilion, previously featured on Architosh, featured a unique invention called a Gomboc. Helen & Hard’s pavilion consisted of 15 bamboo or wooden elements recalling the vistors’ sense of trees or a forest (as in Norwegian forest). At the same time each wooden element plays a part in the functional construction. Following the expo the 15 trees will be donated to 15 Chinese cities as symbols of friendship. A combination of visual, tactile, audio and physical stimuli all conspire to create a powerful sensory experience for visitors.

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