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Octane Render for Mac OS X released

New Zealand-based Refractive Software releases new Octane Render for Mac, Windows and Linux. New CUDA-based GPU Ray Tracer accelerates photo-realistic rendering 10 fold over CPU based renderers.


Refractive Software has released Octane Render for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, a new modern, multi-GPU based photo-realistic rendering software based on the CUDA Architecture. Refractive Software has offices in New Zealand and Belgium.

Octane Render is a true, un-biased ray tracer that runs completely on the GPU, delivering performance over traditional CPU-based ray tracers up to and beyond 10x performance. It doesn’t use biased methods to approximate results.

Octane Render is fully GPU-based, fully interactive, and features physically based materials and lighting. It also features a realistic camera model supporting real-time Depth of Field and as mentioned above uses un-biased spectral algorithms.

New Octane Render by Refractive Software - Mac, Windows and Linux CUDA -based Multi-GPU Ray Tracer.

Octane Render requires a CUDA capable video card (GPU) and is based on a custom CUDA implementation. It can run on older Nvidia 8000 series and up consumer video cards. OpenCL is planned to be supported in the future.

At this time on the 32-bit version is supported on the Mac due to Nvidia CUDA toolkit limations for Mac OS X. It only runs on Intel-based Macs and requires 10.5 or 10.6. You can download a demo version here.

You can learn more here:

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