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AutoDesSys bonzai 3D Webinar announced

formZ maker AutoDesSys to host key webinar on bonzai 3D.


AutoDesSys’ own Matthew Holewinski will be leading a Webinar on using bonzai 3D to accelerate the 3D design process. This event takes place on Wed, April 21, 2010 at 12pm – 12:45pm EDT. Learn now to use bonzai 3D to design, model and visualize using its intuitive interface and flexible modeling tools.

bonzai 3D 2.0 is the most formidable challenger to Google’s SketchUp and is based on a class-A NURBS engine and formZ technology. In the webinar you will learn how robust models created with bonzai 3D can be used further down the production pipeline with worry free geometry. The webinar will feature:

  • quick overview of bonzai 3d
  • overview of the intuitive interface and how it speeds up modeling processes
  • the advantages of true solids modeling
  • the benefits of NURBS modeling
  • a sample project and workflow
  • ways bonzai 3D plays well with other applications
  • how to make components like doors and windows
  • extensive visualization features including photo-realistic rendering with Global Illumination using the Renderzone plugin from AutoDesSys

Space is limited so hurry to register for this free bonzai 3D webinar. Click here.

To learn more about bonzai 3D go here.

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