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AutoDesSys releases Bonzai 3D 2.0

formZ maker updates Bonzai 3D to version 2.0 — Must grab free update for existing users.


AutoDesSys, the makers of formZ, have announced the much anticipated version 2.0 update to their Bonzai 3D sketch NURBS modeling application. It is a free update to all Bonzai 3D users.

Bonzai 3D New Capabilities

New in version 2.0 of Bonzai 3D is dimensions, advanced NURBS modeling tools (it already had basic NURBS in version 1), a new walkthrough tool, and clipping planes (for real-time sections), to name of a few of the new features. A summary of all the new features can be found here.

Bonzai 3D is a direct competitor of Google’s SketchUp and like that program features an easy-to-use push and pull interface. However, Bonzai 3D is related to formZ and like that program has true water-tight NURBS and solid-modeling capabilities.


You can now make stunning renderings from your Bonzai 3D models with the new RenderZone Plugin for Bonzai. This optional software is related to AutoDesSys’s formZ rendering technology and can add photo-realistic rendering capability to this sketch modeler. The RenderZone renderer provides the ultimate in photorealistic rendering with Global Illumination based on Final Gather, Ambient Occlusion, and Radiosity, for advanced simulation of lighting effects and rendering techniques. A trial version of the plugin is included with the bonzai3d 2.0 download.

To obtain the plugin you can contact your local dealer or AutoDesSys directly at: [email protected] or go to:

Pricing is 399.USD. Non-US pricing varies, refer to your local dealer. The RenderZone Plugin is included in the annual student edition.

Free Update Download

To download your free update to Bonzai 3D go here:

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