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Architosh ships latest ToshLetter

Architosh ships latest ToshLetter. Issues focuses on BIM.


Architosh has shipped the latest ToshLetter, the first version in years. The issue is devoted to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and is a timely supplement to the just announced and released Architosh 2010 BIM Survey Report.

Those who have signed up recently to the ToshLetter will be receiving your electronic PDF version shortly. If you were previously a subscriber to the ToshLetter you will receive the new ToshLetter today. If you do not receive it please email us and verify your email address. We can change you in the database.

For those who wish to read the Table of Contents of the latest ToshLetter focused on BIM please see this report here. Notable items in this issue include a special interview segment with Graphisoft CEO Viktor Varkonyi who talks briefly about the future of ArchiCAD as well as a discussion of its user interface. If you have been wondering if the ArchiCAD 14 user interface is going to be dramatically different next year your answer is inside the latest ToshLetter.

Another special article includes Scia Engineer and the company’s push in North America. We have two ToolTalk articles one of which is focused on five cool apps for the iPhone for architects.

[Editor’s note: 21 Mar 2010 – For those who signed up between Mar 3 rd and the 21st. you will have received your ToshLetter today. If you have signed up after 21st you will receive your ToshLetter within a 2-3 weeks. We send them out in batches to new sign-ups. ]

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