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Tidbits: Apple OpenCL, future GPU/CPU shared memory pools

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have a brief tidbit on a post on CPU to GPU shared memory pooling and work that Intel is undertaking. There is also a note about Apple’s progress with OpenCL and specifically FFT lib (library) producing very high performance


Intel Works on CPU-GPU Accelerations

Interesting post about Intel’s work on cracking the issue of sharing data between Core and Xeon CPUs and Larrabee GPU co-processors. Future Core and Xeon chips will be able to create a “virtual” shared memory pool that both the CPU and GPU can access so datasets are nto crunched down, serialized, and moved over the slower PCI-Express bus from CPU to GPU, this report discusses.

We know that Apple is working within the OS level to speed up standardized operations so they can be efficiently distributed among available processing cores on both the CPU and GPU levels simultaneously.

There is also a recent post at the same link above about Apple’s OpenCL FFT lib producing very high performance.

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