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Khronos details new WebGL initiative

Khronos Details WebGL Initiative – new APIs and OpenWF standard


The Khronos Group, an open industry consortium with over 100 members working together to create open standards for authoring, accelerating and accessing visual computing, announced earlier this month the release of the OpenWF 1.0 standard. OpenWF is an operating system-independent and hardware neutral foundation for building windowing systems and providing display control functionality in accelerating mobile and embedded devices.

OpenWF acts as the underlying route to the display for advanced graphics and multimedia content generated using APIs such as OpenGL ES for fast and portable 3D graphics, OpenVG for vector graphics acceleration, and OpenMAX for multimedia.

A wide range of industry leaders are interested in OpenWF, including microprocessor architecture designer ARM, which architects the world’s most advanced main processors for small devices, including the Apple iPhone. “The opportunity for a standard cross platform composition/display API is one we believe will benefit ARM’s partners and speed the introduction of high efficiency video and graphics functionality into a wide range of partner products.” said Ian Smythe, director of marketing, Media Processing Division of ARM.

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