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N-Side releases Quidam 3 – Character Creation Program

N-Sided releases QUIDAM 3 and QUIDAM 3 Prime – professional character creation software for artists.


French-based N-Sided has released QUIDAM 3 the latest version of a professional 3D character creation program that began at version 1.2 back in 2007. The Mac Universal Binary and Windows program is growing in popularity and features a simple to use interface. 

QUIDAM 3 offers an advanced Catalogs system to help save and reuse all manner of existing 3D content components (full characters, morphs, lights, props, etc.) The 3D Paint Module has been fully rewritten to be much more accurate and to provide a direct bridge with 2D paint editors like Adobe Photoshop. 

An automatic UV projection system has been added to prepare imported objects so that they can be textured. N-Sided innovates again with an amazing approach that allows you to retouch UV maps directly onto the 3D model. Other improvements include Self Shadows rendered in real-time, major improvements in skeletons and proportions, an extended QUI format, textured multi-resolution of 3D objects, paint and bump brushes and much more. 


A new product is launched to complete the product line called QUIDAM Prime. Greatly expected by development studios, this new package includes QUIDAM 3D Studio features, the export plugins for Autodesk Maya and 3D Studio Max, and above all, adds licensing rights for the generated 3D models. This means game developers can have rights to use QUIDAM 3D models within their games as long as the models themselves are encrypted.

To learn more, get prices, and see some videos and gallery images click here.

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