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Tidbits: T-Splines, Luxology and Gehry Technology news

Mac CAD and 3D News: In brief we cover news of T-Splines concerning T-Splines Plugin for Rhino and Mac, SIGGRAPH, etc; plus Luxology and Gehry Technologies news.


T-Splines News

The T-Splines folks will be at SIGGRAPH this summer. Unfortunately the company says there will be no T-Splines plugin for Rhino on Mac OS X yet because the Rhino folks have not yet released a SDK (software development kit) for the Mac version. Matt Sederberg of T-Splines told Architosh that once the SDK for the Mac version of Rhino is available they will produce a T-Splines plugin for the Mac. 

At SIGGRAPH 2009 this summer the company will exhibit and the likely big news will be the official unveiling of the T-Splines 2.0 plugin for Rhino on Windows. For more info visit them at:

Luxology and modo news

Luxology president Brad Peepler is back on the Web with another modo user interview. This time Seneca Menard of independent game developer studio id Software discusses how modo fits into his daily production pipeline. Seneca has also been scripting in modo since its inception so modo users who are hip on its scripting abilities may want to check this out. 

Also of interest to modo users and architects and AE visualization pros, Luxology has a new architectural interiors training video out focused on lighting. This is currently featured on its home page.

Gehry Technologies News

Famed architect Frank Gehry’s technology offshoot Gehry Technologies has announced the latest release of Digital Project V1 R4. Digital Project is an advanced 3D/BIM application for the architectural industry and it is based on CATIA. The new release features over 200 new and improved features including the full release of the Architecture and Structural Building Information Modeling (BIM) workbench, improvements to its automated production of architectural drawings, and enhanced IFC interoperability. 

There is a new add-on Fitting simulation and 2D layout for 3D design, and new functionalities of photo studio, real time rendering and 3D annotations and dimensions all bundled within GT Designer. To read the full listing of new features go here. 

Back in May 2008 at the AIA conference, Architosh was treated to a private presentation of GT’s Digital Project running on a MacBook Pro under boot camp.

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