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Graphisoft announces next BIM BEK winner

Italian architect Rosaria Di Mento has won the BEK (BIM Experience Kit) competition from Graphisoft, wins a full commercial license of ArchiCAD 12.


Rosaria Di Mento has won a free commercial license of ArchiCAD 12 in the “BIM Experience Kit” (BEK) competition by Graphisoft. 

“Ever since I became an architect, I’ve been used to working with 2D and 3D separately using different software. I’ve always found it really uncomfortable to switch between one and the other, every time missing something on the way”, said Rosaria Di Mento, Italian architect.  

“The BIM Experience Kit introduced me to a brand new form of integrated model based design. With the interactive training material, it was a magnificent and easy experience!” 

Graphisoft is the software developer of ArchiCAD 12 (see Architosh product review, complete with QuickTime movies and screenshots), the industry’s leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool. To learn more visit them on the Web here.

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