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Tidbits: TurboCAD training and CubicVR

Mac CAD and 3D News Tidibits – New TurboCAD Training and CubicVR for Game Development


3D Game Development with NEL (Open Source)

NeL is a toolkit that is open-source and designed for the development of massive online universes. The toolkit provides the base technologies and a set of development methodologies for both client and server software, including technologies like a 3D engine, a network engine, a sound engine and more. NeL is working on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and works under the GNU General Public License.

TurboCAD Training Offer

IMSI/Design has a special value now when you buy TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D version 4. You get the TurboCAD Mac v4 Training Essentials CD free. This is a $180 value gained for just $99.USD. To learn more visit them online.

CubicVR for Mac

CubicVR is a high-performance, object-oriented OpenGL 2.0 3D engine designed with a simple user interface (UI). The program is completely free (freeware) and is Universal Binary. It was last updated this week.

CubicVR includes a ballistics physics library

CubicVR includes a ballistics physics library

CubicVR includes Bullet library physics, GLSL shader and Lua scripting support. Applications made using CubicVR can also be compiled for the PSP handheld. CubicVR works under the LGPL (Lessor General Public License).

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