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Rome Reborn 1.0 – powered by Maya, Max and Nvidia

Shown at Siggraph 2008 this year, Rome Reborn 1.0 is a Tremendous Achievement in Architecture, Archeology, Urban Design and Computing


Rome Reborn 1.0

Rome Reborn 1.0 is not a new software program but rather a vast implementation of 3D modeling. The project was undertaken back in 1997 to digitally rebuild ancient Rome as it looked at the height of its development in the late 4th century. The total project was shown at Siggraph this year, reportsArchitosh’s Karen Popp.

The modeling technology employed was powered by Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max and Nvidia technology. Architects, urban designers and students may want to visit this site to see Rome Reborn 1.0 themselves. The institutional project sponsors included:

  • Institute for Advanced Technology, University of Virginia
  • UCLA Academic Technology Services
  • UCLA College of Arts and Letters
  • UCLA Division of the Humanities
  • UCLA School of Arts and Architecture
  • UCLA Experiential Technologies Center

Corporate sponsors included Microsoft and Nvidia, as well as Intel Corporation.

The online site includes many gallery images and a detailed list of news, contacts, resources and other information.

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