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SIG: SynthEyes Tackles 8-core Mac Pros at Siggraph

Introduced at SIGGRAPH 2008 in Los Angeles, SynthEyes Draws Attention as it Focuses on 8-core machines such as Apple’s Mac Pro


Andersson Technologies, LLC, a boutique software firm located in Pennsylvania, was on hand on Siggraph this year to show off SynthEyes 2008. The latest release concentrates on a sweeping set of software optimizations for current 8-core machines (like Apple’s Mac Pro).

Developing multi-threaded software to efficiently take advantage of 8-cores is a challenge but in this new releaseSynthEyes 2008 improves on program and system bottlenecks yielding 3-5 faster times than the previous multi-threaded version on the same 8-core hardware.

SynthEyes 2008 is camera tracking (aka, match-moving) software used in film, television, broadcast and special effects industries. The software was utilized for such features as The Golden Compass movie and TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica as well as the Apple iPhone 3G commercial.

SynthEyes 2008 is priced at 399.USD and is available now. It runs on both Mac (Universal) and Windows and exports to 25+ common animation and compositing software packages.

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