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SIG: DAZ 3D, NaturalPoint Unveil ARENA Real-Time Mocap

Mocap Plug-in for DAZ Studio brings motion capture to new level of affordability


DAZ 3D, the maker of DAZ Studio 3D software for Mac and Windows, announced at Siggraph last week the new jointly developed ARENA plugin for DAZ Studio. The plugin brings an easy to use and cost effective way to do complete motion capture using DAZ Studio, with the ARENA plugin allowing full body and facial capture, rendering and real-time workflow previsualization.

“This collaboration with NaturalPoint further demonstrates our commitment to bring high-quality 3D and animation to the masses,” said DAZ 3D’s President and Co-founder, Dan Farr. “Additionally, it showcases the power and versatility that DAZ Studio offers. Motion capture suites traditionally cost tens of thousands of dollars, but now, ARENA’s compatibility with our free software application offers users a cost-effective solution without sacrificing animation display quality.”

The ARENA plugin for DAZ Studio will become available in September 2008. Both ARENA software and DAZ Studio are required for proper installation. To learn more go here.

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