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Houdini by Side Effects Software is coming to the Mac – beta program announced

The popular Windows-based 3D software package, Houdini, is coming to the Mac OS X platform and Houdini for Mac Beta has been announced


Side Effects Software is pleased to announce the Houdini for Mac beta program. The 3D software company is looking for beta testers and to get their Mac version in the hands of as many 3D professionals as possible. With the recent redesign of the Houdini user-interface (UI), the program has become much more artist-friendly, claims the company, making it a great fit for the Mac. Apple’s switch to Intel processors has also been a factor in developing a native Mac version.


Houdini for Mac beta

Initially a closed beta program (much like Rhino’s Mac beta program) Side Effects Software is looking for a group of dedicated Mac 3D artists to provide rigorous real-world testing. If you are interested in testing Houdini for the Mac, there is a short questionnaire to fill out that will help the company better understand you and your Mac.

The company plans to release a public beta for Houdini for Mac in the early summer. Details about the feature set and release dates will be available when the public beta starts. To learn more you can read the full announcement here.

Houdini ships in two versions, Houdini Escape ($1,995USD) and Houdini Master ($7,995USD). Houdini has twice been honored with a Technical Academy Award.

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