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Nemetschek Creates AI Innovation Hub for Construction Industry

The Nemetschek Group launches a new AI Innovation Hub to help accelerate AI innovation throughout the Group’s daughter companies.


This month, the Nemetschek Group, a global leader in AEC/O and media industry software, announced a new AI Innovation Hub. The word “hub” is critical in this announcement because the Group’s daughter companies each have various AI initiatives in their products and in their R&D divisions.

AI Hub

The Nemetschek AI Innovation Hub aims to bundle the group’s existing AI activities and accelerate their implementation and adoption. AI is the hottest topic in the technology landscape, and this effort shows that the Group is hyper-focused on demonstrating leadership with AI.

To that effort, the Nemetschek Group’s AI Innovation Hub will be led by two top leaders who will join the Group from Google later this month: Charles Sheridan, Chief AI and Data Officer, and Julian Geiger, Vice President of AI Product and Transformation.

Nemetschek Group and AI

The Nemetschek Group has announced a new AI Hub for consolidated innovation in artificial intelligence.

The Group has already deployed the same AI technology in AI Visualizer across all three of the Group’s BIM authoring platforms. AI plans at Bluebeam include many things, including 3D Drawings (part of Bluebeam Cloud), and there are key AI technologies in the dTwin platform. The goal is to launch ethical and trustworthy AI as a service (AIaaS) for customers and partners. The goal is to position the Group via the AI Hub as an AI-driven yet human-centric software leader in the AEC/O and media industries.

“Our mission has always been to lead the way in innovation, especially in AEC/O and media & entertainment industries, and this AI Innovation Hub will take us a step further,” says Marc Nézet, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Division Officer Operate & Manage. “I am very happy that we have two renowned experts join the team. Together, we strive for an ethical AI, protecting creativity and intellectual property rights, and designing and building sustainably and responsibly.”

Charles Sheridan

“I’m truly excited to embark on this journey together with the Nemetschek team. The company is not only committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the AEC/O industry but also prioritizes ethics and the responsible integration of AI. The establishment of the AI Innovation Hub reflects our dedication to customer needs and requirements”, says Charles Sheridan, new Chief AI and Data Officer at Nemetschek Group.

Charles will lead the global AI Innovation Hub, driving the seamless integration of AI technologies across the company’s diverse portfolio of software as well as deploying the internal adoption of AI. In more than 25 years of his international industry experience, Charles has focused on addressing critical technology challenges in the cyber-physical world. Before joining Nemetschek, he held key roles at large tech companies, including Google, Intel, and Huawei, where he spearheaded the development of next-generation cloud, AI, data, and IoT solutions. Having significant experience within the EU commissions and university communities, he bridges the gap between industry and academia while also advocating for collaboration and open, collaborative research ecosystems.

Julian Geiger

Julian Geiger, Vice President AI Product and Transformation at the Nemetschek Group, will lead the development and adoption of AI capabilities across the Nemetschek Group to drive customer value and increase internal productivity. “This is an inspiring time for the Nemetschek Group and its brands. I am very proud to become a part of it,” adds Julian Geiger. “Our commitment to fostering an ethical AI-first company will fuel business growth while supporting sustainable and trustworthy AI solutions for our customers and the AEC/O industry.”

With over 16 years at the forefront of technology strategy and product management, Julian brings experience from previous roles at Google, Boston Consulting Group, and BMW. In his past roles, he was responsible for transformative business strategies, delivering software products, and nurturing transformational partnerships. Julian Geiger has a deep knowledge of applied AI, data foundation design, and analytics.


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