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Allplan Cloud Services Gains New BIMplus Overlay Function

Connecting 2D and 3D workflows through Allplan Cloud services with Bimplus Overlay functionality.


Nemetschek’s Allplan, a global provider of BIM solutions for AEC, has announced this month that subscription users will gain new functionalities for connecting 2D and 3D workflows. The new features come about via Allplan Cloud, a new solution included as a standard set of features and capabilities for all Allplan Subscriptions.

Allplan Cloud

The new capabilities will help users gain the most from their data by connecting Allplan desktop and cloud applications. Allplan Cloud now includes a cloud-based BIM collaboration platform with its new Bimplus Overlay functionality. These free benefits for subscribers continue on from last year’s new Allplan Cloud Viewer.

Allplan Cloud with Bimplus Overlay.

The new Bimplus overlay functionality supports superior design-to-build workflows for Allplan Subscription users. (Image: ALLPLAN)

“We are very proud of our innovative and user-centric approach to developing cloud-based workflows that support everyday processes through Allplan Cloud. With this new development, users benefit from advanced new functionality and can easily compare the reality of 2D plans and 3D models “, quickly identify discrepancies and raise issues,” says Nigel Rees, Product Director Cloud Services at ALLPLAN.

Bimplus Overlay in Allplan Cloud Services

Bimplus Overlay in Allplan Cloud Services lets users merge PDF, JPG, and PNG 2D plans with a 3D model. Users create a section in the 3D model and select match-points to combine 2D plans, drawings, and surfaces with the 3D world. The Issue Manager allows users to interact, clarify uncertainties, identify discrepancies, and report issues.

Ulla Stäblein from STÄBLEINARCHITEKTEN comments:


With the new overlay manager we can now easily match 2D plans with the 3D spatial model to solve queries in the construction phase.


“This advanced and practical approach to merging the two worlds of plans or drawings and models enables a rapid approach to merged and flexible visual review. The 2D deliverables required for most projects can be easily compared with the 3D model to supplement information and provide a complete overview,” explains Thomas Müller, Allplan Cloud & Bimplus Product Manager.

In BIM-based projects, users can easily combine models from partners and check 2D plans and drawings by interrogating volumes for BIM2Field clarity.

Allplan Cloud and Subscriptions

Allplan Cloud services offer a robust cloud-based BIM collaboration platform that supports multi-user teamwork from any location. It also includes features to manage and distribute drawings and plans efficiently for office team working. Additionally, there are cloud applications that allow exchanging with structural analysis solutions. For a limited time, Allplan Cloud provides access to model-checking services through Solibri Inside. Allplan Cloud combines the functionality of Bimplus by ALLPLAN with former standalone ALLPLAN products such as Allplan Share, Allplan Exchange, and Allplan Workgroup Manager.

“Our core design principles focus on improving the efficiency of design-to-build workflows, including through cloud-based processes. Our overarching goal is to provide Allplan Subscription users with a comprehensive and connected solution that enables them to work and collaborate efficiently across all their projects,” adds Nigel Rees.


Allplan Cloud services are available with all new Allplan Subscriptions. The new Bimplus Overlay functionality is now available through Allplan Cloud services or via Bimplus Professional.

For more information, click here.


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