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Newforma details Konekt

Newforma unveils its new branding and details its cloud-based project information manager, Newforma Konekt.


At Newforma World in October 2023, Newforma unveiled its new branding. It also detailed its latest product, Newforma Konekt. This new product is at the heart of Newforma’s long term goal of connected project delivery for AEC/O (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/Operator) project teams.

What is Konekt?

Newforma Konekt is web-based, cloud-hosted PIM (project information management) platform.

Newforma Project Center

Newforma Project Center. Image: Newforma.

It provides a central location for all project records and data—a “single source of truth” or SSOT for the project team. The cloud nature of this offering means it provides AEC/O project teams with worldwide access to their complete project data.

Accordingly, it unifies conversations, project files, action items, and contractual workflows into a single cloud-hosted platform. It also provides a complete history of the project from conception through to completion.

Newforma Chief Product Officer, Carl Veillette, summarizes Newforma’s new Konekt platform:



“Newforma Konekt is an interconnected ecosystem – an environment, really — that encapsulates Newforma’s very essence, ideals, and commitment to the AECO industry. Time is always of the essence in construction, but Newforma Konekt gives users more than just hours; it gives them clarity, efficiency, and above all, peace of mind by uniting every element of their project.”



With Newforma Konekt, all stakeholders in a project, including architects, engineers, contractors, and owners, can collaborate and make informed decisions. Meanwhile, Konekt compiles a comprehensive, intuitive, and easily searchable project record. Newforma Konekt also synchronizes with existing software tools.

Consequently, it can eliminate communication gridlocks, orphaned data, and tedious document tasks. This means that firms save valuable time and money.

Konekt key features

  • 2D and 3D viewer displays actionable items and issue. This enables the team leaders to resolve issues and track action items in real-time, in context, to keep the project team on track.
  • Aggregate Search finds the information you need quickly in order to make better-informed decisions.
  • App Marketplace means there is no need to give up the tools the team already uses because, in many cases, Newforma Konket’s add-ins, connectors, and compatible workflows will connect with the tools you already have.
  • BIM Coordination. With Newforma Konekt’s BIM collaboration capabilities, the team gets a central hub for all coordination information from design right through to construction.
  • Contract Administration automates contract administration workflows to improve productivity and reduce project delivery times.
  • Data Analytics measures coordination progress by building accurate reports on priorities, teams, and locations.
  • File Manager manages an entire project’s files from one central location.
  • Newforma Konekt Mobile uses the Newforma Konekt Mobile companion app to share critical information between the office and job site or work on the go.
  • Project Email makes an entire project’s email accessible and searchable by everyone on the team.


The idea behind Konekt is to make collaboration between all project stakeholders reliable and straightforward. Basically, Konekt bridges collaboration workflows through its various add-ins and integrations. 

Newforma Konekt main projects screen

Newforma Konekt main projects screen.

Konekt combines information management, project management, and simple BIM coordination by those using BIM in their projects. Chiefly, it integrates intricate design collaboration and issue management, essential during design and building phases, with overarching processes. These generally include file and document handling, email coordination, as well as various other routine project completion tasks.

Newforma believes that a centralized hub as the best way to manage project information effectively. Indeed, this ethos is embodied in its new “contained web” logomark.

  • For more information regarding Newforma and its products, please click here.

About Newforma

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Newforma provides information management and collaboration software for the AEC/O industry. Consequently, it empowers AEC/O firms by delivering technology solutions that drive better project outcomes at every stage of the construction project lifecycle.

Over 500,000 users in more than 1,500 firms worldwide have streamlined their communication, simplified their administration, and enabled real-time collaboration using Newforma’s platforms.


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