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Graphisoft Unveils AI-powered Visualization in Archicad

Archicad users can now accelerate early design processes by generating AI-powered imagery via the new Archicad AI Visualizer.


Graphisoft has announced this week brand new AI-powered visualization capabilities in Archicad 27. The new software features tap the artificial intelligence (AI) software known as Stable Diffusion, a world-class AI-driven image generation tool.

AI Visualization

The new Archicad AI Visualizer creates compelling 3D visualization useful for early-stage design phases. Readers who have explored text-prompt-based AI visualization tools understand the real limitations of early AI in rendering visualizations. However, Graphisoft’s new AI Visualizer works by taking a conceptual model in Archicad and then combining that with text prompt instructions to the Stable Difussion AI engine to produce an AI-generated image.

AI technology powers new Archicad AI Visualizer.

Archicad AI Visualizer. New image generation technology powered by Stable Diffusion.

The technology leverages local storage of source images and thereby aids in managing issues with intellectual property rights. Users can control the output in terms of image size and number of AI-generated image iterations and can edit the prompt strength for more precise results.

Adaptive Hybrid Framework

As discussed last year, Graphisoft’s Adaptive Hybrid Framework technology empowers Graphisoft to add new technology from third-party sources quickly into and leverage the technologies of Archicad.

“Our Adaptive Hybrid Framework approach lets us quickly and effectively integrate innovative technologies like the AI Visualizer into our tech stack. This is just the first example of how we can integrate it into new capabilities inside our software,” said Zsolt Kerecsen, Vice President of Software Success at Graphisoft. “With many new projects underway, Graphisoft customers can expect to leverage additional AI-enabled solutions to do what they do best—design great buildings.”

AI powers the new Archicad AI Visualizer.

Start simply with a conceptual massing model and combine it with text prompts. Graphisoft has developed a simple UI palette for managing basic output controls.

Graphisoft has embraced AI technologies and is using AI in numerous ways for both operations and customers. AI is aiding everything from software development to supporting multiple languages in instruction videos on Graphisoft software.

“By integrating AI into our software production processes—including localizations—we can better serve our customers and deliver our software faster and in higher quality,” says Kerecsen.

User Feedback Driven

The Hungarian BIM software company says that listening to user feedback led to the development of the Archicad AI Visualizer.

“The buzz around AI breakthroughs has shaken up the tech industry as a whole, with the promise of enabling increased creativity,” said Márton Kiss, Vice President of Product Success at Graphisoft. “We want this tool to be tested in the real world by real users where they need it most—early in the design process when exploring designs and communicating with clients.”

Other Nemetschek Brands

The AI Visualizer will also be available for other Nemetschek Group brands, including sister BIM software solutions Allplan and Vectorworks, in the coming months.

To get started with Archicad AI Visualizer today, users need a valid Archicad 27 license, and either a computer with NVIDIA GPUs or Apple Silicon chips (M1 – M3). The software has been optimized for the international version but still works with regional language versions of Archicad 27. It is currently only available in the English language.

An example of the results of AI Visualizer.

For more information and to download Archicad AI Visualizer for macOS and Windows, click here.

About Stable Diffusion

Stability AI is the company behind Stable Diffusion, a powerful, free, and open-source text-to-image generator. Headquartered in London with developers distributed across the globe, Stability AI was founded by Emad Mostaque as the first open-source artificial intelligence (AI) company developing breakthrough technologies to benefit humanity and the world. For more information, visit Stability AI.


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