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Graphisoft: Archicad is ‘Scary Fast’ on New M3 Macs

Archicad is ‘Scary Fast,’ says the BIM innovator with a long history of its tech-forward Mac support.


Graphisoft has announced that its industry-leading BIM solution Archicad 27 was featured in Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event yesterday when the Cupertino-based company announced the all-new M3 Apple Silicon and new MacBook Pro computers running on the chip.

Apple Chose Archicad

Apple selected Archicad as one of its demonstration applications to showcase the unprecedented speed and versatility of the new Macs. The new M3 chip includes industry-firsts and record chip performance for not just a Mac but any computer across the industry. The MacBook line and the new 24-inch iMac are both recipients of the new Apple chip and, thus, would more than suffice for excellent Archicad BIM performance.

Archicad 27 is showcased in the new MacBook Pro ad video and highlights the work of Cox Graae + Spack architects and their Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC.

Archicad 27 is Scary Fast on Apple’s new M3 chip-based Macs.

“We’re excited that Apple has recognized Archicad as the perfect BIM software solution to show off the speed, power, and versatility of the new MacBook Pro,” said Marton Kiss, Vice President of Product Success at Graphisoft. “Archicad is the obvious choice for architects using Mac computers,” he added.

Archicad runs on both Windows and Mac platforms, but the Hungarian AEC software innovator has a soft spot for the Mac due to its history on the platform. Archicad was developed natively for Apple Silicon one release back, but in the latest release, it gains further tuning and performance enhancements.

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“Graphisoft is available on all platforms, and native Apple Silicon support for Archicad means users can take advantage of Apple’s latest hardware innovations,” Kiss said.

Readers can learn more about the latest Graphisoft products, including Archicad 27, here.

Apple + Graphisoft

The company writes about its close ties to Apple: The relationship between Apple and Graphisoft can be traced to the 1980s when Steve Jobs came across an early version of Archicad. His first impressions of the software led him to throw Apple’s support behind the further development of Archicad. Graphisoft was a small company with limited resources, working within the economic and political confines of what was then communist Hungary. Jobs also introduced Graphisoft to Apple’s worldwide distribution network.

To see the ad featuring Archicad see below.

Architosh Analysis and Commentary

It is undeniable how much affection Graphisoft has for Apple and its Mac platform. The company even had a bronze Steve Jobs statue commissioned for its campus. Archicad has long been an early adopter of Apple’s most advanced Mac technologies. It has also been the industry BIM leader in exploiting semiconductor advancements, especially early with the use of multi-core processors. Graphisoft was not, however, the first to Apple Silicon, but it is there now and looks to be extremely interested in leveraging all the performance benefits that come with it. 

So, what are those benefits? MacRumors has reported that the first Geekbench 6 results on the M3 chip have been posted on the benchmark’s website. M3 Geekbench 6 scores range from 2971 – 3076. This essentially matches the top-performing chip in existence for single-core performance, Intel Core i9-18900KS. But on a performance-per-watt basis, Intel’s chips consume vastly more energy and throttle down in performance in laptops running on battery only. Apple’s M3 runs full speed on battery. 


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