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Cinebench and Redshift optimized for M3

Maxon announces that Cinebench and Redshift are optimized for Apple’s new M3 microprocessors.


Maxon has just announced that its Cinebench and Redshift applications are now optimized for Apple’s new M3 microprocessors. These tools leverage the latest developments in Apple’s M3 family of chips.

New M3 Chips

The new M3 will offer excellent performance, particularly for artists working with Redshift, Maxon’s powerful GPU-accelerated rendering engine.

Maxon CEO, David McGavran

Maxon CEO, David McGavran. Image: Maxon.

Moreover, the optimization of Maxon Cinebench 2024 will allow creators to evaluate the performance capabilities of these new M3 chips. Maxon CEO, David McGavran explains:


“Maxon has consistently delivered quick support for Apple innovations, as we strive to deliver the best performance possible and enable artists to design at the speed of creativity. We’re excited to take advantage of the new M3 technology and are sure the speed gains will be invaluable in the creative process.”


Artists will undoubtedly experience outstanding performance when generating photorealistic imagery using Maxon’s industry-leading Redshift render engine. This is thanks to the increased GPU power of the M3 family of chips.  Moreover, features such as hardware-accelerated ray tracing significantly improve performance in Redshift rendering.

What is Cinebench?

Maxon’s Cinebench 2024 is a sophisticated benchmarking tool, built on Maxon’s Redshift and Cinema 4D. Essentially, Cinebench allows any computer owner to test and evaluate their computer system for use with high-end graphics applications.

Maxon Cinebench on an M3-powered laptop

Maxon Cinebench on an M3-powered laptop. Image: Maxon.

Cinebench offers a real-world benchmark for graphics performance. It incorporates a user’s commonly performed tasks when using Cinema 4D and Redshift to measure a system’s performance.

It has many practical uses; for example, IT administrators can use Cinebench to help make purchase decisions. Journalists can also use the results in reviewing hardware. Additionally, manufacturers can utilize the feedback Cinebench provides in order to optimize their latest products.


Maxon Cinebench 2024.1 is available immediately for anyone to download. This enables users to test and benchmark performance on both macOS and Windows hardware. Moreover, optimizations will be available as part of regular Redshift updates for Maxon One and Redshift subscribers in the coming months.

  • For more information about Cinebench, please click here.
  • Users may use the Maxon App to install, use, or try its products. The App is available here.

Please note that in order to download the Maxon App, users need to create a Maxon account and sign in.

About Maxon

Based in Bad Homburg, Germany, Maxon creates powerful yet easy-to-use software for content creators working in 2D and 3D design, motion graphics, visual effects, and visualization. Consequently, Maxon’s innovative product portfolio helps artists supercharge their creative workflows.

Maxon’s team is composed of fun, enthusiastic people. It believes in building and empowering a successful artistic community. Maxon recognizes the importance of developing strong connections with creatives. This includes its popular events and its free Cineversity educational resources.

Maxon is part of the Nemetschek Group.


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