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Skema Launches AI Solution—Deliver Rich BIM Models in Minutes not Months

The Skema Software Suite learns from previous successful design work and helps architects dramatically accelerate iterative design concepts.


Skema software is promising to deliver a step-change in design automation with a major update to its Skema Software Suite.


Skema works as a design automation tool that is the only conceptual design tool with full automation and Revit integration. It allows architectural design professionals to design and create using repurposed successful design work from past projects with the full flexibility to morph those design elements fit for new concepts.

Skema with Revit

The software firm promises Skema can save up to eight weeks of time on a typical Revit project using Skema.

Skema AI and SkemaBIM.

Skema AI and SkemaBIM launch revolutionary new design automation that works with Revit. Software leverages successful projects for a firm’s past projects.

The Skema Software Suite is composed of Skema AI, a conceptual design platform, and SkemaBIM, the world’s first BIM knowledge reuse engine. Here are some more details:

  • Skema AI  — preserves the logic in previous Revit layouts so that designers can copy and paste them into new designs, and then squeeze or stretch them into new shapes and sizes to resolve the design concept of the building.  Skema AI’s knowledge agent enables the senior designer to efficiently pursue work for the firm.   
  • SkemaBIM — is the groundbreaking BIM knowledge reuse engine that accelerates Revit to a new level of productivity and flexibility. SkemaBIM generates a bulletproof BIM model in minutes, instead of months. The SkemaBIM engine combines the power of AI and full Revit Integration to generate LOD 350 models that can directly leverage the work from previous BIM projects, allowing a design team to focus on creating better designs rather than repetitive model creation tasks. 

“When designers can rely on automation to rapidly complete time-consuming tasks, then they can focus more time on the aesthetic and qualitative elements of building design,” said Richard Harpham, Co-Founder of Skema. “Skema is a tool designed to assist senior designers and to help firms make a big leap in efficiency and productivity.” 

Faster BIM Deliverables

Back at AIA SF 2023, Architosh wrote about Skema and its successful launch, quickly becoming known in the industry for its ability to fast-forward an architect’s conceptual design process. The first version of Skema was limited to modular residential buildings (multi-family).

Now, Skema AI can break free of that limitation and tackle non-modular design constraints and non-orthogonal buildings. Skema’s flexibility makes is ideal for quickly designing a multitude of building types.

“Skema makes Revit better. We’ve applied our team’s deep Revit knowledge and expertise, coupled with a keen understanding of what issues frustrate and slow down a design team when producing BIM deliverables,” said Marty Rozmanith, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Skema. “Skema captures and reuses previous design knowledge to improve design workflows by augmenting what Revit does well.”  


Skema’s revolutionary capabilities emerge from close cooperation between Skema and Revit experts, partnering with tech-forward Revit firms interested in the power of integrating BIM automation into the conceptual design process.

Designers can learn how to use Skema in a few hours and then deploy it to create designs using the tool. One early customer, architecture firm TVS, held a charette using Skema and produced designs for a mixed-use multifamily project in one day.

“Skema is set to redefine how architects and interior designers approach design, doing so in a way that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows,” said Michael Hodge, Digital Studio Principal, TVS. “Skema enables the generation of editable BIM data that can be easily used downstream in the design process – in other words, it fits into the way we already work.”  


Skema will be available from early November. Interested users can sign up now at to be among the first to get access to Skema AI and SkemaBIM.   

About Skema

Skema is a leading next-level BIM solution provider. Through partnerships with architects, designers, contractors, and building owners, Skema delivers AI-enabled solutions that help AEC firms transform their business models and practices. On October 24, 2023, Skema graduated out of the lab-to-market incubator Blue Ocean Sustainability to become Skema, Inc. Learn more at


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