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Graphisoft announces Archicad 27 and more at Building Together Event

Archicad users gain new Design Options tool, and more, plus BIMcloud, BIMx, and DDScad updates boast innovations.


Graphisoft has announced its latest product lineup at Building Together | Connect online annual event. The event takes place in Budapest for the press and select others, while the online event is global for everyone.

Bold Promises Delivered

“Last year, we outlined a bold new vision when we unveiled our Product Roadmap — and we delivered,” said Márton Kiss, VP of Product Success at Graphisoft. “The 2023 release includes significant advances across the Graphisoft ecosystem with major enhancements and feature updates offering the greatest value in recent times for both new and existing users.”

The news unveils significant product updates for Archicad, BIMcloud, BIMx, and DDScad, in addition to service, training, and other updates offered by the software company.



Last year, we outlined a bold new vision when we unveiled our Product Roadmap — and we delivered.



As for the big-picture vision referred to above by Kiss, you can read coverage from last year. More importantly, our preview coverage on Archicad 27 and “all things Graphisoft” was published in our June 2023 Xpresso newsletter (#47 ), where the special feature, titled “Evolution versus Revolution—Graphisoft and BIM 2.0,” discusses not just Graphisoft’s upcoming technologies but its belief that “this is really about evolution versus revolution,” in regards to the question on the next era of BIM, sometimes tagged “BIM 2.0.”

Product Updates

Those links above point to deeper philosophical coverage of BIM’s evolving nature and where Graphisoft sees itself and its products. As for key product updates for users in particular, as well as the rest of the industry, here’s a summary below. We will have deeper coverage from our boots on the ground in Budapest a bit later.

Archicad 27

The latest version of Archicad features a powerful new Design Options toolset that will enable architects to rapidly generate iterations on design without jumping through complexity in the software and its various setups. Moreover, the new capabilities help you manage these design options, helping teams to evaluate and communicate options to clients and project stakeholders.

Graphisoft Archicad 27 and its sibling apps are now released.

Graphisoft Archicad 27 and its sibling apps are now released.

The introduction of the new Design Options tool is a valuable feature, aiding architects in realizing infinite possibilities and ultimately enhancing their creative expression,” said Kevin Lee, Director of Technology | BIM, at TZG Architects in Australia. “This tool is a much-awaited gift to the architectural community.”

Another big boost to architects on Archicad 27 will be the highly requested additions to the attributes management workflow. Seemingly simple in approach but challenging in execution, users can now better organize more attributes by folder. Cool new features that caught Architosh’s editors’ eyes include distance guides for placing elements in the BIM model, which can greatly speed up design workflows.


BIMcloud is one of the AEC industry’s most profound technical innovations. Introduced nearly a decade ago in a special event in Japan, the patented server technology allowed BIMcloud to service teams in far-flung places from each other while simultaneously delivering performance-leading BIM model teamwork and sharing capabilities.

With BIMcloud, users get secure, real-time collaboration between all project members, even on massively large projects and even on slow internet speeds. There are both public and private secure options running on standard hardware and SaaS options for BIMcloud. Security has been enhanced with a new multi-factor authentication technology.


The award-winning BIMx app, first introduced on the iPad platform, now boasts issues management features and accurate sun positioning for rendering in BIMx. The app has gone from once a presentation and viewing tool for BIM models and 2D drawings to coordination and collaboration and runs on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices and on computer desktops via a browser. It should actually run on Linux computers, too, if running a modern complaint browser. Readers can learn more about what is new in BIMx here.

Other Updates

DDScad is also updated in the current version of the popular (in Europe mostly) MEP design and documentation tool.

“DDScad supports us greatly in our electrical design,” said Uwe Bullwinkel, Ingenieurgesellschaft Schnittger Wilde, Germany. “With version 19, we are now even more flexible. For instance, the parallel power feed of distribution boards comes at the right time, as we need it for planning photovoltaic systems, among other things. And with the new overview diagram, we can quickly review the respective power supply system. These and the other innovations make DDScad the best option for efficient MEP design.”

DDScad is now available in select countries in the Graphisoft Store as a monthly and annual subscription and will be introduced in additional countries soon. DDScad is also available as a perpetual license. Learn more about what’s new in DDScad.

Finally, Archicad Collaborate is a subscription offer that bundles Archicad, BIMx, and BIMcloud SaaS at a single price point.

Enjoy this video for the latest updates.

Learning More

To learn more about what is new in Archicad 27, visit here. For more info on BIMcloud, click here. And for Graphisoft, in general, visit here.


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