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Graphisoft intros new Archicad Collaborate subscription offering

With Archicad Collaborate, architects now have easy and affordable access to powerful BIM technology for design and cloud collaboration.


Graphisoft, the technology leader in BIM (Building Information Modeling) software solutions for the architecture and engineering markets, this week announced a new subscription offering called Archicad Collaborate.

The new subscription-only-based offering combines the powerful and award-winning Archicad BIM software with BIMcloud SaaS for quick, efficient, and secure access to shared projects in real-time.

Archicad Collaborate

While rival BIM software providers are charging additional fees for cloud services, Graphisoft has chosen to bundle similar services for free with its flagship BIM authoring tool Archicad. Archicad Collaborate thus lowers the barrier to entry for users by offering its award-winning BIMcloud SaaS along with Archicad as a comprehensive subscription offering from the user-friendly online Graphisoft Store.

Archicad Collaborate -- a new SaaS offering for the BIM market.

The new Archicad Collaborate is a more efficient economic deployment for Archicad-based practices working in teams and across time zones in particular, with the added bundling benefit of BIMcloud SaaS.

“Customers demand powerful solutions that are easy to acquire, learn, and use,” said Márton Kiss, Vice President of Product Success at Graphisoft. “Archicad Collaborate allows practices to acquire both Archicad and BIMcloud SaaS at a price even smaller firms can afford.”

Archicad Collaborate includes:

  • Archicad — a world-renowned and the original BIM authoring solution designed by architects for architects and running natively on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • BIMcloud Software as a Service (SaaS) — users access their date via a secure cloud solution for fast, flexible, secure access to shared projects in real time.
  • Exclusive bonus benefits around data and collaboration services — leveraging other benefits in the subscription model like access to (a) Graphisoft Learn, (b) Emergency Licenses and Technical Support, (c) Redshift by Maxon, a high-end rendering tool, (d) PARAM-O, a parametric object design tool, (e) Library Part Maker, an add-on for creating detailed Library objects, and (f) the Python API for customized and automated Archicad workflows.

The included software, services, and cloud technology in Archicad Collaborate offer a compelling advantage over rival BIM solutions in the market where such items are often separated into additional to-purchase options.

When asked about the benefits of using Archicad with BIMcloud SaaS, Peter Snellman, Partner and Design Director at Tillberg Design, said, “Working on the same Archicad model from different countries, we have fewer problems.” Snellman is making note of Graphisoft’s noteworthy BIMcloud technology, which led the entire AEC industry many years ago with its then-entirely unique Delta Server technology.

“With Archicad Collaborate, you can start your project on BIMcloud SaaS, a secure cloud platform built for sharing and collaborating with your team — without additional hardware investments or IT experience,” Márton Kiss added. “Using Archicad’s powerful and proven tools, you can design great buildings with your team and share them with customers and clients — anywhere in the world.”

Availability and Cost

Archicad Collaborate cost USD 212.00 per month with annual billing (USD 2,544), as shown here at the online Graphisoft Store. Separate prices for Archicad and Archicad Solo, and BIMcloud are also shown at per-month break-downs based on annual subscriptions.

To learn more about Graphisoft, click here.


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